About Us
Chronobox is a dedicated online watch retailer, which brings the world’s finest watch brands together in one place.

For all tastes, for all occasions, for all styles - Chronobox offers a wide choice to make the search for a watch as simple as possible. We aim to help you find the perfect watch, for you or a loved one, and our fine portfolio of brands means the most prestigious Swiss timepieces feature alongside watches from some of the fashion world’s most famous brands.

Chronobox is an authorised stockist of all the watches available onsite, so you can trust in us to supply celebrated industry icons such as Oris, Tissot, Burberry, Gucci, Michael Kors, Casio, Seiko and many more.

As well as offering superb watches, we aim to provide the best possible customer experience. We offer fast and efficient delivery and a no-fuss after sales service so you can feel reasurred when purchasing watches online with us.

Below are just a few key reasons why we think Chronobox should be the online shopping destination for your next watch purchase:

  • We are an authorised dealer of all the featured watch brands.
  • A choice of over 200 brands and over 20.000 watches is available.
  • We pride ourselves on our great service and no-fuss returns policy.
  • Quick and efficient delivery, with free delivery available on orders over £70/90€.
  • International delivery to 30+ countries is available.
  • We offer a reliable, trustworthy and fully secure customer experience.
  • 53 years’ experience (and counting!) in the watches and jewellery industry.
  • Expert advice on watches is available to help you make the right choice.



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